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The Science of Friendship 
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One of the benefits of benefits of practical psychology is to give us a deeper understanding of best practices when it comes to meaningful friendships within the following areas: making friends, maintaining friendships, and friendship breakups.   
- Glen Brauer, Coordinator PD Events

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The structured portion of the event (which lasts for 90 minutes) and discussion questions will be provided as usual.
Just a reminder - there are four main goals to our events: #1 to increase our awareness about the topic being discussed (with the help of the Food for Thought videos), #2 to welcome different and unique perspectives from others who will be attending, #3 to increase our level of self-awareness by discovering more about our values during this process; especially when monitoring our own internal reactions while encountering different perspectives, and #4 to have a great time and possibly even meeting a new friend.
Please note: if you are interested in attending PD events in order to debate a topic, that is to say, to try to convince people to believe what you believe, then these events are not for you. If you are interested in attending PD events because you are humble and modest enough to admit that you don't know everything, you are looking forward to engaging perspectives which are different from your own, and that you are looking to enhance your world view through meaningful discussions with strangers then you are definitely in the right place! - Glen Brauer



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The purpose of the Philosophy Dinners Facebook group is to cultivate the global citizen mindset; by enriching our perspectives through the sharing of insights before and after the events take place in our individual cities.

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Please note, neither the discussion facilitators nor the regular attendees are required to view any of these videos prior to the event but it is encouraged to view at least one of them.

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