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Please see this video before you send an email >>>

Some common questions answered in this video:

"When is the next event?"

"Can I pay at the door?"

"Can I get a refund?"


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Please note that there are thousands of members in our Philosophy Dinners and Psychology Dinners groups around the world and all inquiries go to Glen Brauer.

Please see if your question can be answered here before sending an email:

The most common question that people ask is, "when is the next event going to take place in my city?". Please don't email asking this question since this information is most likely on our upcoming events page (or currently being decided) and you will automatically be notified via email about upcoming events by the Meetup system.


If your question cannot be answered via the FAQs page then you can contact Glen Brauer here:

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(If your message pertains to an upcoming event then please provide your city and the date of the event in your email).


Calopia Glen Brauer

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