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  • Psychology Dinners is a non-profit initiative using practical psychology to bring together strangers in order to build community.

  • Psychology Dinners is another social innovation experiment created by Glen Brauer inspired from the ongoing success of Philosophy Dinners. (

  • There are now many Psychology Dinners Meetup groups around the world which are coordinated remotely by Glen Brauer and facilitated locally by members of local groups. (More information)

  • Several initiatives in progress which are designed to connect members from these individual Meetup groups to each other in different ways. One of these initiatives involves the Psychology Dinners Facebook Group.
    (Click here to visit our Facebook group)

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Glen Brauer
Founder, facilitator, and Event Coordinator
Psychology Dinners & Philosophy Dinners

These groups are for people who value and enjoy deeper discussions with amazing people and who are also willing to to rise to the occasion by joining us to help make these discussion opportunities an ongoing reality.

We are proud to be working with in order to turn our visions into a reality. 

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